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Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge Mod APK 1.0.40 (Unlimited money)

Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge is a casual game offered by Mobi Screen Apps. It combines the idle clicker and merge gameplay to provide a unique mining experience.

You start with a small mine and work your way up by merging miners, buildings, and vehicles to increase profits and efficiency. It also features various levels and quests to keep the gameplay interesting.

craft mine 3d idle merge mod apk

Its graphics are lackluster, and there is nothing unique about them. However, the gameplay is quite entertaining, and you’ll find yourself immersed in it for hours at a time.

Idle Gameplay

This game has a unique element of idle gameplay where your mines will continue to earn profits even when you are not actively playing or offline. This allows for passive income and adds a level of convenience to the gameplay.

All you need is to hire miners, upgrade your buildings and vehicles, and let the profits roll in. This way, you can focus on other tasks while still earning money in the game.

Upgrade Your Characters

In Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge, merging is the key to success. You can merge individual miners to improve their capabilities and productivity. The same goes for buildings and vehicles as well.

craft mine 3d idle merge mod apk download

By merging identical characters, you can upgrade them and make them more efficient in mining for profits. This adds a level of strategy to the gameplay as you must carefully choose which characters to merge and upgrade.

The more powerful your characters are, the faster they will dig. This will accelerate your progress and earn you more profits in the game.

Quests and Levels

In addition to the idle gameplay, there are various levels and quests to complete. These add an extra level of challenge and spice up the gameplay.

However, the levels will become more complex and challenging as you progress through them. So, be prepared to use strategy and think ahead to succeed in these levels and quests. Here are a few power-ups you can use to overcome difficulties:

  • Increase Speed. You can use your in-game earnings to increase the speed of your miners. This can be useful in completing levels or reaching a certain milestone quickly.
craft mine 3d idle merge mod apk unlimited money
  • Double Profits. Another power-up is to double your profits for a limited time. This can greatly accelerate your progress and earn you more money in the game.
  • Improve Miners. You can also use power-ups to improve the capabilities and productivity of your miners. They will become more efficient in digging for profits.

Whatever you do, always remember to upgrade and merge your characters wisely. This will ensure success in the game and earn you more profits as a result.

Other Unique Features of Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge APK

  • Be Careful of Obstacles. This game adds an extra level of challenge by introducing obstacles. These obstacles can slow down your progress and reduce profits. So, be careful to clear them as quickly as possible.
  • Possible Monsters. As you dig deep into the mine, there is also a chance that monsters will appear. Be prepared to fight them off or use power-ups to protect your miners and buildings from damage.
craft mine 3d idle merge mod apk latest version
  • Simple Controls. The controls in this game are simple and easy to use. You can quickly hire miners, upgrade buildings, and manage your profits with just a few taps on the screen. Simple touches & swipes will suffice for playing this game.
  • Pixelated Graphics. The graphics in Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge are pixelated and not highly detailed. However, they are not distracting and do not affect the gameplay experience. You can be fully immersed in the gameplay and strategy of this game with zero distractions.
  • Highly Rewarding Gameplay. Overall, the gameplay in Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge is highly entertaining and rewarding. It has a multiplier effect where your earnings will continue to increase as you upgrade and merge your characters. This way, you can earn more and more profits as you progress in the game.
  • Lots of Weapons & Items to Unlock. As you earn more profits and level up, there will also be various weapons and items to unlock in the game. The sophisticated weapons and items can help you in digging and clearing obstacles.

Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge MOD APK Download

The Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge MOD APK for Android has been modified to offer more limitations-free gameplay. It guarantees more playability and allows you to progress quickly in the game without restrictions.

craft mine 3d idle merge mod apk for android

Besides, the Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge MOD APK unlimited money version allows you to have unlimited in-game currency. This way, you can easily upgrade and improve your miners without running out of funds.

Additionally, the MOD removes ads and any other distractions from the gameplay. This allows for a more immersive & enjoyable experience.


Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge is a unique and highly entertaining idle game. It offers exciting levels and quests, along with various power-ups to help you succeed in the game. The pixelated graphics are not distracting, and the gameplay is simple yet highly rewarding.

If you want a more limitless experience, download the Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge MOD APK for Android now. You can have unlimited funds and no distractions while playing the game.

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